Dit Instagram-account doet veel stof opwaaien

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Hot Dudes Reading heet het eerder deze maand gelanceerde account dat, inderdaad, hot dudes post die in metro dan wel tram aan het lezen zijn. Let vooral op de rake fotocommentaren.


‘He’s like the hot English professor of my dreams, only with way better hair.’

‘Spotted this scruffy prince on his morning commute. Probably to sculpture class. I’m sure he’s reading a collection of post-war Russian short stories, but really thinking of how he made love to his French girlfriend this morning and the gluten free toast they shared after.’ #marryme

‘Nothing gives me more hope than a banker without a band. Almost has that dangerous Patrick Bateman vibe, but I can tell he’s a nice guy on account of the black loafers and blue socks. He’s probably listening to Taylor Swift in those headphones.’

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